Thursday, 31 December 2009

My Favourite Songs Of The Decade

The 00's was the decade that I really discovered music during my youth years. My taste is centred on a variety of genres including rock, pop, indie, acoustic but also occasionally wonders to the darkside of alternative music. In true reality TV words "it's in no particular order". I've decided to do this as pretty much everyone everywhere is doing some sort of decennial list of something. It's not a list of the best, but more my personal list of songs that have amazed me.

Coldplay (1998 - Present)
The Scientist (2002)
This is a piano ballad and is one of my favourite songs, the music video also uses a quality reverse narrative.

Snow Patrol (1994 - Present)
Hands Open (2006) & How To Be Dead (2003)
My two favourite songs from a great alternative rock band.

Peter Bjorn and John (1999 - Present)
Young Folks (2006)
This is a great indie pop song featuring Victoria Bergsman. The only song I've ever come across that does whistling pretty well.

Athlete (1999 - Present)
Vehicles and Animals (2003), Tourist (2005), Beyond the Neighbourhood (2007) & Black Swan (2009) 
An Ivor Novello Award winning band from London whose indie music I love due to its sheer consistency throughout all four albums that have been released biannually. My favourites include Street Map, Twenty Four Hours, Dungeness & Superhuman Touch.

Secondhand Serenade (2004 - Present)
Your Call (2008)
An acoustic rock band with very strong lyrics.

Alkaline Trio (1996 - Present)
Private Eye (2001)
I remember listening to this song when it was released in 2001, and I like it a lot.

Gary Jules
Mad World (2003)
Gary Jules' cover was featured in the soundtrack for the film for Donnie Darko (2001) and became Christmas #1 in 2003. I embarrassingly sang it at a karaoke in my primary school in 2005.

Rage Against The Machine (1991 - 2000, 2007 - Present)
Killing In The Name (1992 (Reissued 2009))
Although released in the 90's this song became the hit for an internet campaign to stop the X-factor winner getting the Christmas #1. It was successful and became #1 for Christmas 2009.

Other songs include:  
Klaxons - Golden Skans (2007)
The All Starz - He's Drunk (2004)
Elbow - One Day Like This (2008)
The Feeling - Sewn (2006)
Hoobastank - The Reason (2003)
I'm From Barcelona - We're From Barcelona (2006)
Kings of Leon - Use Somebody (2008)
My First Radio - Progress (2008)
Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah (2005)
System of A Down - Chop Suey (2001)
Taken By Trees - Sweet Child O' Mine (2009)
Wilco - Hell Is Chrome (2005)

Here then are my two favourite bands of this decade:
2. Unwanted Superheroes (2002 - 2006)
You Don't Need This As Bad As I Do (2004)
Unwanted Superheroes were a post hardcore band from Florida. Their first album is my favourite as it combines fantastic melodies with epic lyrics. It can all be heard here.  My favourite song is Read Between The Lies, which combines fantastic piano bits with hardcore guitar and drums.

1. The Crimea (2002 - Present)
Secrets Of The Witching Hour (2007)
The Crimea are an indie band based in London. They decided to make this album a free download on their website. So I went ahead and thought every song on it was excellent. Each song has been descriped as mini-epics, which is true, but most noticeably my favourite, Raining Planets. 


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