Sunday, 23 May 2010

"Maps" Backwards is "Spam"

No matter what company it is, a B&B, hotel or local business it's essential that their websites contain directions and perhaps a map to their venue. I have no idea who creates the maps; but quite often they are simply littered with errors. Most of the time the mistakes are:
  • Incorrect route numbers
  • Incorrect route designation (i.e primary, trunk)
  • Poor alignments (for example, a bypass built in the 1980s being missed out!)
  • Spelling mistakes
You can perhaps let people off for getting a primary route wrong, but most of the time the mistakes come from simply not checking their custom maps against a modern road atlas (I go against Google Maps; they get primary and B-roads mixed up quite often). Take this map for example from a bed and breakfast, it contains each of these errors and appeared in a recent forum discussion:
The mistakes here being:
  • A1060 is numbered "A1050".
  • Primary A414 is missing.
  • Bypasses for Chelmsford, Braintree, Great Dunmow and Coggeshall disregarded.
  • Halstead is misspelt "Halsted".
Another shocking example, this map appearing in the local newspaper:
I'm sure you've spotted the obvious mistake, the A131 being the A313 (a slightly out of zone road). There's also the yellow road (B1256), continuing east of the "A313" [sic] which should be the A120.

The B1256 is mistakenly shown as the "B1255" (which in turn is a road in Yorkshire). This final one was actually found just by typing "B1256 road" into Google then simply browsing the pages of results. Amazing at the mistakes you find just by searching for the roads in a single region.

This next one amazingly contains two errors on just one PDF page, one on the close up map, and the other on the broader one and both are road numbering mistakes. Astonishingly, the maps feature on Stansted Airport's official website! Good riddance! The PDF file can be viewed here but for convenience I'll post both extracts (click to view large).

And now for your delight here's a business-related grass roots level error:

This next one was found on the pdf of a leaflet for the institute of customer service. Here we go:
Not only are the roads extremely straight (although I think this is done for clarity) but this "new road" is listed as the A1036, as opposed to the A1306, over 200 miles from its righteous place in Yorkshire. What's worse though is if you look at the map on the first page of the file. It's correctly listed as the A1306 that time!

This next map yet again fascinates me because it's local, the pdf file is here
Where on earth did that extra B1022 come from!

This final map of Chelmsford is from Northumbrian Water's website, link.
This is also a numbering error, it's the A1099, not the A1090 (which is in Thurrock).


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